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Prestige Industrial Bakeware has expanded its product range solutions for plant bakeries to include automated travelling ovens, conveying, proofing, continuous mixing, silo systems, cooling systems and packaging. - Read more  

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Baketek which is incorporated by Prestige is a trusted supplier of exceptional quality in-store bakery equipment and back-up service solutions. 

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Our container bakeries are complete working units on delivery, are fully insulated and fitted with all the necessary electrical, water and bakery equipment ready to bake.

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Refurbishing process is carried out by Baketek in our facility where precision and quality is maintained throughout the entire process. 

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Prestige Industrial Bakeware is a sole agent in South Africa to supply and install a range of Schultz conveyor belts system for WP travelling ovens within the bakery industry.

The Founder of Prestige

Wolfhart Schumann has been intimately involved in the bakery, confectionary & biscuit industries since 1966. From 1970 to 1990 he was the Cofounder, Chairman & Director of Macadams.

In 1990 Wolf Schumann then started PRESTIGE INDUSTRIAL BAKEWARE which is now dominant in the market, with a long standing history and a strong reputation based on credibility and quality machinery with service excellence.

WS’s background in business and sales provided a strong foundation for his role as a CEO. He has positioned Prestige Industrial Bakeware to a well-established brand in the bakery industry to date. Today the company has a team of skilled people, very dedicated and committed to specialized knowledge in all segments of the baking industry in general.

“At Prestige we are a team, we always committed and available to help solve problems, provide repairs even provide tailor made parts to suits specific baking requirement”…

Wolf Schumann

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Prestige Bakeware

Prestige designs, manufactures, installs & services equipment for all aspects of the baking industry. Our products lines utilizes baking technology for every step in the process – Mixing, Diving & Moulding, Proofing, Cooling, Baking, Packing and Storing.

Prestige Industrial Baking Equipment is one of the major bakery equipment manufactures in South Africa. It has supplied prominent bakeries and biscuit plants around the country and it has a strong presence on African continent, our local clients include Albany, Sasko, Premier Milling….just to mention a few.

Prestige together with Baketek have been instrumental in introducing the new bakery concept into the South African market, like in-store bakeries with rotary ovens, new concepts in the bread industry like continuous mixing, extruding etc… for small, medium and large plant bakeries.

Established in 1990, Prestige Industrial Bakeware factory is based in the south of Johannesburg in Nancefield Industrial. The main activities are in our manufacturing capabilities from our 2400m2 factory where we make anything from travelling ovens, final travelling proovers to conveyors, plant automatics to bread pans and trolleys. Now we have a new department for equipment refurbishments, our team is committed to recondition old bakery equipment to look and perform like new.

Our Prestige Industrial Baking Equipment trading division have sole agencies for the industry from Europe and China which include all packaging equipment for the biscuit industries and fully automated bulk flour installations which include all other dry and liquid  components.

All the above is backed up by local service department which has a large capacity to service and refurbish bakery ovens, plants and associated equipment.

              “Find everything from small bakery to Industrial plant & accessories”