Industrial Baking Equipment Refurbishing

Service & Refurbishing

Industrial Baking Equipment Refubishing process is carried out by Baketek in our facility where precision and quality is maintained throughout the entire process. All fully reconditioned equipment are supplied with a full guarantee as new ones. Baketek pride itself on its quality workmanship and has a full complement of staff ranging from sales, manufacturing and technical back-up. At Baketek we also specialize on trade-in of second hand bakery equipment.

Bakteck is a Division of Prestige Industrial Bakeware.

Baketek specializes in Refurbishing (a complete bakery equipment refurbishment service), Service & Maintenance (Comprehensive breakdown, routine services & maintenance option)
We offer a complete Industrial Baking Equipment Refubishing for all Industrial baking equipment. All equipment is carefully stripped, cleaned and lubricated, with worn parts being replaced where necessary.

Our experienced team will ensure that it is properly upgraded and in working order. Some of our most common repairs include:

- Complete Tear Down & Inspection
- Sandblast or Soda Blast & Paint
- Rebuild or Replace Drives
- Rebuild or Replace Hydraulic Systems
- New Stainless Steel
- New Bearings & Seals
- New Rollers or Dies
- New Insulation
- Re-Groove Feed Rolls
- New Electronics & Controls