Prestige Industrial Bakeware handles plant bakeries from:  Design – Layout / Manufacture / Installation & Commissioning

Prestige Industrial Bakeware has expanded its product range solutions for plant bakeries to include automated travelling ovens, conveying, proofing, continuous mixing, silo systems, cooling systems and packaging.

From Silo- systems, Make-up plant, Mixing, Dividing, Proving, Baking and Cooling to Slicing, Wrapping and Plant Instrumentation & Control


Over the years, Prestige Industrial Bakeware has expanded its technology to include the world's leading manufacturers of high speed bakery equipment. We provide complete automated bakery solutions including raw material silos, depositing machines, continuous dough mixing, conveyers, dividing, make-up, proofing, baking, cooling, packaging, basket/case loading, and product packaging.

Customers in the baking industry rely on our expertise when it comes to the high speed automated bread, bun and biscuit baking market. We have diligently worked to produce solutions that represent industry leading quality, innovation and value.

We develop and maintain automated Plant bakeries at a level that is unmatched in our market.


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