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“ Find everything from small bakery to industrial baking equipment and accessories”

Prestige Industrial Bakeware is one of the major industrial baking equipment & bakery equipment manufactures in South Africa. It has supplied prominent bakeries and biscuit plants around the country and has a strong presence on African continent. Established in 1990 by a sole owner Mr Wolfhart Schumann, Prestige Industrial Bakeware have been manufacturing bakery, packaging machine and bakeware.

The Prestige factory is based in the south of Johannesburg at Nancefield Industrial. Mr Wolfhart Schumann the founder has been intimately involved in the bakery, confectionary and biscuit industries since 1966. From 1970 to 1990 he was the Cofounder, Chairman and Director of Mcadams of which now are both dominant in the market.

With a long standing history and a strong reputation based on credibility and quality machinery with service excellence; Prestige and Baketek are well established brands in the bakery industry.


Over the past decade, the company has developed into a major force in the industrial baking equipment indutry, with our 2400 m2 manufacturing facility strategically positioned for efficient service excellence. We have Prestige focusing on big plant industries for both bread and biscuit, on the other hand have Baketek targeting in-store bakeries to medium baking operations.

We are committed to meeting the changing needs of our customers and providing a solution based and value added approach.

Prestige sales team and service division are well known for their commitment and are well experienced with wealth of knowledge gained over the years of service. They work hard to ensure that you have the right products when you need them at the right price.



“ We pride ourselves in being a one stop bakery equipment provider”